@auth0/auth0-spa-js library, Custom Params, Scopes

I have a simple login working. Now, I want to customize the Universal Login UI. For example, change to username-password login, disable sign up, disable forgot password, etc. and return scopes containing user role info after login.

The interface detail for Auth0ClientOptions says:

If you need to send custom parameters to the Authorization Server, make sure to use the original parameter name.

I tried the following, but didn’t work:

    domain: '',
    client_id: '',
    redirect_uri: '',
    audience: '',

    autofocus: true,
    usernameStyle: 'username',
    requires_username: true,
    allowSignUp: false,
    rememberLastLogin: false,
    allowForgotPassword: false,
    sso: false

Is this possible or will I have to revert to auth0-js and auth-lock libraries? Is there a way to use Lock and auth0-spa-js together?

If someone can provide some guidance, useful code, or a basic example, that’ll be most appreciated.

Thank you

Howdy @aicdevx :cowboy_hat_face:

Though I don’t know the full details of your setup, I can take a stab at what advice to give…

If you’re wanting a customised lock.js login experience, it’s often simpler to add your configuration to the login page customisation page on Auth0 as opposed to including lock.js as part of the front end (these variables won’t do any good passed in the Auth0Client).

Try this guide to customising lock using these options.

This could be a good first step?