Auth0 api shows different users per client

not sure if this is intentional, i have normal client which can access, create users but for some reason only m2m client can create passwordless even if i turn on connections for them.

after i tired making users with m2m, i figured out, users created via m2m is only accessible via m2m. wherein i would like to access them with any other client in platform.

the reason im trying to do this is like this.

  1. user goes to creates as passwordless sms account
  2. user provide email which create passwordless email account via m2m
  3. passwordless email and sms is merged so user may login via both sms or email

since sms user is on different client (lets call it main)
and email is on different client (m2m)
its hard to merge them.

Hi @talhahabib,

You should be able to share users between clients/applications. It sounds like you are creating users in two different connections. The SMS user is in a passwordless sms connection, and the email user is in a passwordless email connection. You can think of these connections as separate databases.

Even if these users share similar attributes, they will still be separate users because they are being created in different connections. If you want to link two users from different connections, you should use the account linking feature.

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