Auth0 Angular works with universal Auth0 login but doesn't work with PHP SDK 8.0

Hi Guys,

I have a angular 12 application that uses auth0 to authenticate the user. The authentication comes from a PHP website with auth0 SDK 8.0, and the angular app uses the auth0 library (@auth0/auth0-angular - npm) to authenticate.

The step that is failing is the getAccessTokenSilently, the return is ‘login required’. But when I go to auth0 logs, the user is authenticated.

Step 1 (Success) - PHP Web
Success Exchange
Step 2 (Fail)
Failed silent authentication

Universal auth0 Login


Custom PHP auth0 Login (There is no cookie with authentication)


Is there anything that is missing in the SDK 8.0 that we should activate, to have the same result of the universal auth0 login.

Angular - @auth0/auth0-angular - v1.3.1
PHP - SDK - v7.4 - Universal Login working
PHP - SDK 8.0 - - Custom Login not working