Auth0 Angular Sdk registration: pass an extra parameter dynamically

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We want to pass an extra parameter to AuhService registration,
we succeeded to do it on the service registration module
but like this it’s static, we want to do it dynamically from the login page here
.pipe(mergeMap((url) =>{ url, windowName: ‘_self’ })))

Thanks for your help

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As you are using auth0-js sdk, it is possible to pass extra parameter in the hosted login page when calling authoirze() method.

Then, you can capture the extra parameter in the hosted login page and pass the parameter as lock configuration.

(Note that auth0 hosted login page uses lock as default login template). To achieve your goal, enable the customization in the hosted login page. My Insite


When the user clicks on the Login button in your application, pass a parameter to disable signup.

 var auth0 = new auth0.WebAuth({
    clientID: environment.auth0.client_id,
    domain: environment.auth0.domain,
    responseType: environment.auth0.responseType,
    audience: environment.auth0.audience,
    redirectUri: environment.auth0.callbackurl,
    scope: environment.auth0.scope,

  const params = {


Then, in the hosted page, capture the extra parameter and pass to lock configuration option.

   //Access the addtional parameters in the hosted login page like below

allowSignUp: config.extraParams.allow_signup
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