Auth0 and Moltin Integration


I’m really new to Auth0, so I apologize if there’s already info out there about this, but I’m trying to wrap my head around how I would integrate a service such as Moltin (eCommerce API for developers) with auth0.

I already have a lightweight Gatsby based application set up following this tutorial.

What I’m really looking for is how to continue letting Auth0 manage all authentication and the user’s account, while still leveraging the Moltin API, where it will handle customer orders (a customer will need to be created on the Moltin side).

What’s the Auth0 best practice approach in this scenario?


Hey there @stimpack, welcome to Auth0’s Community!

I am currently looking into this and will share any feedback I get from our team.


Following up @stimpack, after checking with one of our senior engineers a possible way would be to likely use Moltin’s client credential token and perform calls to the Moltin API from a back-end you control.

The above would allow to authenticate through auth0 normally and then just use that Moltin token to manage the Moltin part of the equation. It’s important to note that this implies you have your own back-end.

I hope this helps shed some light on the path forward @stimpack. Thanks!

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