Auth0 Action Migration Issues

    let options = {
      method: 'POST',
      uri: RH_API_URL + '/middleware/auth0/rules',
      headers: { Authorization: AUTH_TOKEN },
      body: { user, context },
      json: true

During migration from rule to action body: { user, context }, this code having issue.
how to convert this and we can get the user and context from backend when we get the body from action.

body: { event }, I write like this but cannot work!!!

There are very less documents and videos related to migration from rule to action!!! Even the videos related to Action features also very less


I understand you are having questions about the Rules to Actions migration.

For this code snippet you provided, you will need to replace the user and context objects.

  • The user object will map most closely to Action’s event.user
  • The context object will map to multiple objects i.e. event.tenant, event.client, event.connection, event.request and more.

I would suggest looking at what is contained in the context object, and what your API is requiring, then mapping it to the correct Actions event object.

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