Auth 0 in blazor web assembally using MSAL

I am trying to impliment a POC in a blazor web assembally app that has a server API and a client project separate.

I have used the implimentation guide to set up the server porton but wondering how do I do the client part using C#

can I use MSAL like I do with azure authentication and if so what do I put in the following code segment that works with azure?

            builder.Services.AddMsalAuthentication<RemoteAuthenticationState, CustomUserAccount>(options =>

               builder.Configuration.Bind("AzureAd", options.ProviderOptions.Authentication);
               options.UserOptions.RoleClaim = "roles";
               options.ProviderOptions.Cache.CacheLocation = "localStorage";
               options.ProviderOptions.LoginMode = "redirect";
           }).AddAccountClaimsPrincipalFactory<RemoteAuthenticationState, CustomUserAccount, CustomAccountFactory>();

Hey there!

Not a Blazor expert but added a few tags to your question so that others can more easily find it and suggest some paths to take