Audience without userinfo endpoint to use /api/v2/users/

Hi everyone,

Im trying to list all the users with the /api/v2/users/ users but my access token comes with this structure:

http://my-api.api/roles”: [
http://my-api.api/email”: “my-email”,
“iss”: “{auth-audience}”,
“sub”: “user-id”,
“aud”: [
“iat”: 1625848706,
“exp”: 1625935106,
“azp”: “Vk0cNhddmDAulI7mRdyVMe8oZ2YsvxKp”,
“scope”: “openid profile email admin user”,
“permissions”: [

But to use the /api/v2/users I need the audience without the “/userinfo”. How I can take off the rute “/userinfo” from the audience string

Hi @jorge.vazquez,

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You need to send the Auth0 Management API identifier as the audience when you request the token.

Here is an example:

Thanks for ur help, with that information I could solved my problem!

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Let us know if you have any other questions!

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