Assigning role to a user on first signup through Action

I am currently assigning roles to user on the first login with the help of Roles under Auth pipeline in Auth0 dashboard. As this role feature will be removed from Auth0 from november so I am trying to switch to Action (as it is the recommended one) → Post User Registration. I have followed this (How can I use the Management API in Actions?). I have two apis one is Auth0’s and other is a custom one and a SPA. After following the above mentioned thread while running the action I am getting this error
unauthorized_client: {"error":"unauthorized_client","error_description":"Grant type 'client_credentials' not allowed for the client.","error_uri":""}
So when I look into the reason of why this is occurring is because of client-credentials in SAP is disabled. Will it solve the issue if I enable the client-credential ? if so how can I do that ? Thanks in advance !!

Hey there @Account123 apologize for the delayed response on this one.

Were you ever able to get this sorted? You’ll need to create a separate Machine to Machine (M2M) application in your dashboard to initialize the Management client with in your Action.

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