Assigning dynamic role to the user on first signup

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During the signup process, I would like the user to specify the role he would like to be a part of. After he selects a role and enters other sign up information and enters sign in. I would like to create a user and assign him a role using rules by hitting management api end point to assign user a new role. But I am not able to figure out that how can I access the “role” data in the rule? I have seen many blogs and conversations on how to assign a default role to a user on his first sign in but I would like to assign him a role, that he selected in the signup form, so how can create an information flow, so as to be able to access the “role” data in the rule.

Kapil Thukral

Hi @thanosdevelopers,

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You can accomplish this with a few tools.

  • First, customize the Classic Universal Login page to add an additional signup field, specifically a select field. This data will then be added to the user metadata. You can actually use this instead of a role. Roles are typically assigned by an admin and are used for access control.

  • If you do want to convert the metadata to a role, you can then use a rule that adds the role conditionally, similar to how it is done in this post, except you will have to look at the user_metadata to see what role to assign.

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