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All is working well with my mvc 5 site. Except in this scenario: when i am logged out and I attempt to navigate to a page within the site (the action on the controller has an [Authorize] annotation). I am redirected and authenticated successfully with Lock11 hosted page. But when I return after successful authentication, I get routed back to the root of the site. Successfully logged in, but not redirected to the page I am trying to navigate to. I am at a loss on how to troubleshoot this. Anyone have any ideas? Btw, no errors are returned. Nor are there any in the F12 browser debugger. Thank you.


Just wanted to add. My project is derived (copied :slight_smile:) from the mvc quick start. Pretty much boiler plate stuff from the example.


Goof Grief. This posting is in error. My custom ActionFilterAttribute was the problem I created for myself. Please disregard. Apologies.


No worries @mbghone! Glad you found it :slight_smile:


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