Ask for consent from already existing users


I have a use case where we recently updated our terms and conditions.

We want to have existing users re-consent and we would like to use Lock-UI to action this.

As a new user, I can add this step during sign-up but I could not find any documentation where I can have mustAcceptTerms work for Login flow too.

So when an existing user wants to login, on the Auth0 custom login page they see the check box to accept terms and conditions and can only continue when they proceed.

Any guidance or best practices on this is greatly appreciated.


Hi @shaarang.tanpure , welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I think that the mustAcceptTerms only works only at signup so you may need to look at a different option here.
We would recommend using an action to redirect the user based on the condition that they have not yet accepted the latest version of t&cs. You would redirect to your own form to request consent, then once completed the user returns to your application. In this action you could deny the user access until they have accepted the terms.
Here is an example configuration, for use with social connection, but the same can apply for the existing users and configuration will be similar.
We also have a marketplace integration with Arengu that would provide a low code option for this flow.
Hope this helps, thanks!

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Hey @nathan.jenkins thanks for getting back.

I’ll try out the proposed approach and let you know if we need any further assistance on it.


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