Are session_ids unique to the session or channel?

I have set up a Rule to ping my azure function app with session_id
I also have a log stream that pings my azure functions app with session_id

On the same log in event, two different session_id 's get sent, is this supposed to be the case?

I am getting the same session id for login and logout. Can you DM me your tenant name so I can look at your logs?

Just sent a DM - the issue isn’t login and logout session_id

It is that I get session_id from log streams and it is one value.

Then I also get session_id from rules - context.sessionID and it is a separate value.

The one from the log streams and the one from context.sessionID are different even though they are the same session/login event

How are you getting the session ID in the log stream? Through the AWS event bridge integration and to a Lambda?

Log stream to custom webhook where session_id is in data.details.session_id

It looks like this may be related to this in the doc:

context.sessionID: An internal identification for the authentication session. Value is kept only if prompt=none is used in the authorization request. Note that the session ID can change after rule execution on other flows, so the value available in context.sessionID might not match the new session ID that the user will receive. This makes this value only meaningful when prompt=none is used.

Hmm, where would prompt=none be implemented in the flow? I use $auth0->login() in PHP regular web app to authenticate.

You won’t use it. Silent authentication is for SPAs.

You might not be able to accomplish what you are looking for with session IDs.

I am also unsure that the above quote is the case.

Given I am log streaming, I recover the log in event with a certain session ID. Then I can also track the activity of the individual within context session ID.

And then I can track the signout event through log streams. The session ID is consistent through the log streams but not in the middle with the context session ID.

My goal is to track user activity, from log in to log out. Log streams allows me to track both those events, and I use context sessionID to track the in between on platform activity.

Would there be a way to achieve this given the differing session IDs?