Apple-signin-auth node js react native error: Invalid id token public key id (jwt.verify + ignoreExpiration option)

Here is my question on SO: SO QUESTION

I am trying to verify my JWT token with this library.
The library does under the hood the following:

import jwt from 'jsonwebtoken';

      idToken, /** The idToken validates only if not expired  */
      _getIdTokenApplePublicKey, /** Gets the Apple Public Key corresponding to the JSON's header  */
        algorithms: 'RS256',
        issuer: ENDPOINT_URL,
        ...options, /** audience: config.CLIENT_ID_APPLE, ignoreExpiration: true, // ignore token expiry (never expires)  */

After further research I see that this error only occurs when the token is expired.

JsonWebTokenError: error in secret or public key callback: input error: Invalid id token public key id at /app/node_modules/jsonwebtoken/verify.js:96:19 at _getIdTokenApplePublicKey (/app/node_modules/apple-signin-auth/lib/index.js:1:5730) at runMicrotasks () at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:95:5)

But I am setting in the options object the flag ignoreExpiration to true. According to this Documentation. Why is it throwing the error or how can I ignore the expiration successfully? Maybe I need to add maxAge to the options?

Thanks for the help!

It looks like this error occurs when there isn’t kid in the header. What does the header of the token here look like?