"APP" Wants to Use "auth0.com" to Sign in

Is there a way to prevent this from coming up every time the iOS app starts? Even if I am already logged in, I get this pop-up in my app when the app starts up. I don’t mind it if only comes up when the user signs in, but it is annoying if the user is already signed in.
It wasn’t clear to me from previous posts if Custom Domains can fix this, or if I set my Auth0 account to production instead of development? Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @albright888,

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If you are referring to the ‘authorize app’ dialogue box, it should not happen when you aren’t using localhost. Are you using localhost for development?


Hi Dan,

I am not using localhost, but somehow missed storing and checking the users credentials with the CredentialsManager on this page:

This has solved the problem of the popup coming up everytime the app starts (no longer have to authenticate if the credentials are valid.

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Glad you found a solution!

Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.


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