App Using react-native-auth0 for Authentication - How to Delete Users?

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We have an app available on Android and iOS which uses react-native-auth0 for creating user accounts and authenticating them.

The Apple store now requires apps to allow their users to delete their account (which is fair), but I am not able to find the way to do that using the react-native-auth0 package. Am I missing something or does the endpoint call have to be done independently of the package? And if so, is there a guideline on how to get started? For context, the App was developed by the previous team (all of whom quit) and I am an absolute beginner to React Native.

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Hey @anandawebservices welcome to the community!

In order delete a user, you’ll need to expose an endpoint in your backend that makes a request to the Management API. You can then call your endpoint from the mobile app, using the Access Token - The topics I’ve linked to below should give you a better idea of what that looks like in practice.

Hope this helps get you rolling in the right direction!

Thank you! I will look into this :slight_smile:

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