api.user.setAppMetadata in Pre Registration

I found the similar discussion here: Using api.user.setAppMetadata() in Pre Registration Action for Passwordless flow - #3 by rueben.tiow

the problem is that the setAppMetadata was ignored.

exports.onExecutePreUserRegistration = async (event, api) => {
api.user.setAppMetadata(‘foo’, ‘bar’);

Work properly but when you access to user, app metadata was emply.

Now … in dec 22 you write that your tech team know this bug … we are in 2024. when they think to solve this issue? … in POST registration, i cant’ access to client_id (and i can’t use that action, becouse i have more apps and i need to check the client_id before run … on PRE i can’t save anithing on user … how i can intercept The User Creation and push into user some data?