API or Github deployment for passwordless email templates

This has been asked before without a clear answer.

I want to keep our passwordless login email template in version control, and automatically update it in Auth0 using CI/CD

Is there an API endpoint or Github Deployments extension folder/filename I can use to deploy changes to the template to Auth0?

I’ve read the documentation for “Deploy Email Templates”, “Deploy Hosted Pages” and “Connections” without finding this specific config, is it not possible?

Hi Daniel,

For deploy-cli, the email template is stored under the Connections. I suspect it is the same for the github extension.

I don’t know about the management API. If I can find out, I’ll report back.


Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure out how the connection json/email template should look like (using github-deploy). I can’t find any example for the passwordless connector.

For the management API, GET the passwordless connection and you’ll see options.email.body
You can PATCH that then.



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