Angular Auth0 example

Can someone help me with a simple example - Angular - Auth0
The Auth0 OOTB example says to create “Application”,
But from where will I get audience? “audience”: “”,

I would love to follow the instructions, but I see mismatch. If I create API, it is Machine To Machine only and disabled.

Hey there!

Can you share with us the link to the doc / quickstart / example that you’re following so we can also run through it? Thanks!

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I went to the dashboard. selected “Create Application” from Integrate Auth0 into your application,. Selected “Create single page application.”.

Next - What technology are you using for your web app? Angular.

Section I want to explore a sample app

That is the example

Compare the article steps with example. They look different

Would be nice if the example is a bit more detailed. auth0-js has getItem(‘expires_at’), what is the equivalent? How to set expires at, if needed?

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