Angular 6 get information login

I’m using firebase in my application with angular 6, and i wanna get some accounts information.
So, the user start auth, but i get the information and i do not login him.
Just wanna get the information, how can I do that ?
Thanks ^^
ps : not a lot of doc for angular…
public handleAuthentication(): void {
this.auth0.parseHash((err, authResult) => {
if (authResult && authResult.accessToken && authResult.idToken) {
window.location.hash = ‘’;
} else if (err) {

So, how to handle the informations about the user in this code, and automatically logout ?
Thanks again ^^

Hey there @theophilejeromeroche!

Unfortunately I don’t have any Angular or Firebase experience so maybe someone else from community will be able to deliver help. Have you tried our articles on integrating Auth0 + Angular + Firebase?

In fact, I’m using firebase to auth my user, and firestore to store, etc…
My problem is I just wanna make possible to enter the user’s information, get the provider id to make a link to the profile url, display name, and it’s all.

The articles are talking of loging with auth0, but for me, I still with firebase but just, “add instagram accont” or “sms”:
starts auth;
I get the information
It’s the end; i dont use it as user anymore.

Any idea of doing that of a article ?
Thanks ^^

Hi @theophilejeromeroche. If you’re using Firebase authentication to log the user in (and not Auth0), then you will not have access to Auth0’s user information; you’ll need to rely on the authentication provider (which sounds like Firebase in your case) to get any user information. Auth0 can and should only ever provide user information if the user logs in using Auth0.

To learn about getting user profile information with Firebase, you’ll need to refer to the Firebase UserProfile docs, rather than Auth0.