Angular 17 - Route guard - preserve url for redirect?

I have added the AuthGuard to several routes within my Angular 17 application. The site is correctly performing an Authentication round trip and returns the user to the Redirect Uri. Unfortunately this redirect uri is static and is set at startup. This means that when a user clicks to follow a hyperlink which is guarded - they could instantly be successfully logged in but the page would not change.

Could the url be passed in during the authentication - so that when the user returns - the route they were originally trying to get to could be redirected to? If not - could the callback component be used to read a parameter and redirect manually.

Edit: Just to add that I’m aware I could add the appstate to any loginWithRedirect (Although this wouldn’t work for me and I had to use loginWithPopup) call however the login is being triggered by the AuthGuard so I cannot use this

Thanks in advance