Ancestor violates Content Security Policy directive: "frame-ancestors 'none' when connecting with Cypress

I have been trying to integrate Cypress in our React application that uses Auth0. When I run a simple test through Cypress, I get an error saying “Refused to frame ‘’ because an ancestor violates the following Content Security Policy directive: “frame-ancestors ‘none’”.” I have followed the following links for implementation and debugging:
End-to-End Testing with Cypress and Auth0

I tried the same with Protractor which uses Selenium and that worked just fine. Let me know what I can do to fix this error.
I have followed instructions given here but wasn’t able to get it to work.

Any help would be great help because I want to use Cypress instead of Protractor and I’m not sure who can help me with this.


Facing the same issue. @sankalan Did you have any luck in resolving this?