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Allow wilcard in path for callback URLs or accept URL path prefixes



with regard to, can you guys give this issue some more thought?
I don’t see this as a feature that would be too hard to implement and it would help make things a lot easier.
My use case/reasoning is as follows:
I have a CI/CD pipeline which is creating releases to a specific virtualpath based on VCS tags so devs can quickly test new features of my app.
In specific case for instance I’m relying on Azure and there does not seem to be a clever way to automatically create new web apps from devops and also DNS is tied to their custom domain ( which is fine for dev purposes and saves me the hassle of having to tweak DNS.
Normally, there won’t be changes to the logic that processes the callback response but given that it is a much more involved process to set up a custom subdomain for each CI/CD auto release I’d just prefer to make use of the virtual path which will ultimately be of the type

It’s really impossible to do something like generating the following URLs which would have dynamic subdomains:

  1. => there’s no simple way to do this via Azure Devops and also I’m limited to a maximum number of web apps depending on the app service plan
  2. => this one is definitely impossible since I would have to control Azure DNS A records to use this approach.

Let me know if this use case will change Auth0’s take on this, I sincerely hope it does as otherwise I have to manually add explicit callback URLs for each virtualpath.


Thank you for laying this out so succinctly - our feedback process has changed, so could you also share via our feedback channel at


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