Allow users to specify username when using Social Login via Auth0

Hello! I have successfully integrated the Auth0 social sign-on experience into my Wordpress app via the Wordpress plugin.

Right now when a user logs in with a Social provider, they don’t get prompted to pick a username. How can I add a screen or prompt them to pick a username? I think Wordpress is creating it automatically using the first + last name, which is not ideal. @dan.woda @josh.cunningham maybe you can assist?

I’m also having an issue where if a user logs in with Facebook once and then Google a second time, multiple users are being created in Auth0 but not in Wordpress.

For what it’s worth, I’m using the Universal Login experience too.

Hi @laura!

The username is generated automatically, yes. A screen where users could confirm or modify their profile data would be a great addition at some point but not currently possible. Look into the auth0_create_user_data filter in the WP_Auth0_Users::create_user() method, that should do what you need.

As for the multiple users … that’s also a limitation of the plugin currently. Matching is done on the Auth0 ID and if there is a new user with the same email as an existing user, it cannot be created. You might want to look into linking users in Auth0 to handle this:


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