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I wanted to ask how should I and my team go about implementing the “change your email address” feature for the users of my site that is using Auth0 for identity management. Auth0 does provide change password feature and that was implemented by the team. However, we are unable to find the “change email” in documentation. I did found some threads on similar question and the answers there mentioned that this feature is not available out of the box by Auth0, but those threads were two to three years.

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Can you tell us ore regarding what stack do you use and how would you like those users to change their email? In their profile, there will be some additional window, button for that. Can you expand on that? Thanks!

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We are using Node.js for back-end and React(Gatsby) for front-end. Yes, on our front-end we would like to have an input where users can type their new email address and email gets changed to it. This should be such that user doesn’t blocks his account accidentally by entering a wrong email address.


Then you can utilise this Management API endpoint for that:!/Users/patch_users_by_id

Here is an FAQ that covers this flow:

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