Allow object mapping/introspection in Enterprise OIDC custom claim mapping

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Enterprise OIDC connections support custom claim mapping as described at Configure PKCE and Claim Mapping for OIDC Connections

This currently only supports mapping basic types from the remote IDPs tokenset and userinfo, and results in the string literal of “[object Object]” being resolved for object claims.

It would be helpful to allow the assignment of the full object, and not the default toString representation of the object, or to allow deep introspection into the object itself during the claim mapping configuraiton.

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A full write-up is provided in a related question on the Help forum at Custom claims under OIDC Enterprise Connection User Mapping not included on id_token - #5 by will.bastian

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We are building an enterprise connection with one of our partners, where they provide data we would like to capture in the id_token as an object claim.


Thanks for the feature request!