Allow a specific user to access their data in django backend

I dont suppose you know how i am suppose to sync the users between the react front end and my django back end so a specific user can access their data in the back end etc

Hey again @samuelmorganstudent !

Can you elaborate what you mean by sync users? Which data are you trying to allow users to access?

I have seemingly made a second account by accident but,

Say in the front end react app the user logs in,

How then do i make api call ls which contain a refresh token and recieve data from the back end

Examples include


From api/tasks/* etc

Where there is authentication in place?

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Hey @slmcopywrite @samuelmorganstudent !

Your Django API will perform authorize - At a high level, your API will validate the access token and then optionally check any required permissions. This is outlined in steps 3 and 4 here:

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