After Upgrading the Action Runtime to Node18, Getting Error "unexpected end of file" on Login

Problem statement

Authentication is not working due to the error "unexpected end of file " which can be seen in the Auth0 logs. This issue started after upgrading the Action runtime to Node18. The errors appear to come from an Axios request within the Action code. How can this error be resolved?


Errors were coming from an axios request within the customer’s action code.

the customer upgraded to Node18 to prevent a bug they are having with the Axios library:

AxiosError: unexpected end of file · Issue #5346 · axios/axios · GitHub (edited)

With Node18 they can use the upgraded Axios 1.2.3, which solves the above.


If the problem is within an Action running an Axios request on version 1.2.1, the solution would be to upgrade the library version to 1.2.3. This would require migrating the Action runtime to Node18 as well.

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