After login not able to reach application in I0S 13.4.1

We are facing issue while login our application through Auth0 in Ipad(IOS 13.4.1). Once login gets successfully, its keep on spinning, not reaching the application.

Below are some findings,

  1. we are not using custom domain
  2. On I0S 13.4.1 in normal mode in browser it does not work (IPAD)
  3. On I0S 13.4.1 in incognito mode in browser it works (IPAD)

any suggestions on this issue?

Hi there @sakthiaji77,

I apologize for the delay in response. Are you seeing anything come through on Xcode when this occurs? Can you direct message me the tenant and application name? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for sharing the details @srisaravanan1993, I have moved them to a DM due to their sensitivity but I will take a look!


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