ADFS Login with a different signed in user

We installed ADFS on premise and Active Directory and successfully configured it on Auth0 and login.

However, we faced a strange behavior as the following:

  1. Login with a user enabled ADFS ex:
  2. Logout from the application ‘not federated logout to keep user signed in for other application he use’
  3. Attempt to login from the application with a new ADFS user from same domain ex: or even a user that doesn’t exist on ADFS AD.
  4. Auth0 doesn’t ask the user for password and directly sign in the user but the Id token is for user1 not 2.

The above scenario doesn’t happen with other enterprise connection we tried it with Azure Active Directory. with Azure AD second user is prompted to enter password and Auth0 replied with the right Id token.

Did anyone face that with ADFS?

As we faced that unexpected behavior. We managed the solution by editing the Authentication Policies, Per Relying Party Trust for (Auth0 rely only) to force users to provide their credentials every login.

  1. On the multi-level nested list under Authentication Policies, click Per Relying Party Trust.
  2. Right-click the relying party you’ve just created (e.g., Talentlms) and click Edit Custom Primary Authentication.
  3. Go to the Primary tab, check Users are required to provide credentials each time at sign in, and click OK.

It seems that ADFS doesn’t manage multi SSO users.

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Thanks for sharing that with the rest of community!

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