Address verification custom email

We need to create custom emails but the template editor that is in the dashboard is not customizable enough for us, so we are following this guide

We are in the process of making a personalized “verify your address” email using an external endpoint to generate/send the email (like in the example).

It suggests to use a rule and trigger an endpoint this way

json: {
  user: user,
  context: context,
  secretToken: configuration.MY_SECRET_TOKEN,

but this way, even after dumping the payload, we noticed that we don’t have access to the landing url for the user to click to verify the address

How can we retrieve it?

Hi @plweb,

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Just to clarify, you would like to direct the user to the Auth0 hosted verification page from the email you send them?

If this is the case, you can get the link from the management API. This is mentioned in the doc you linked:

The Auth0 Management API provides a post_verification_email endpoint that generates the verification link for each user. This endpoint allows you to specify the resultUrl to which users will be redirected after they have validated their email address by clicking the link in the verification email.

Hope this helps!

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