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Additional scopes when Authenticating via OIDC




I am following the Web App > ASP.NET Core quick-start.

It uses Cookie and OIDC middleware. I am adding scopes to the OIDC authorisation request in order to be able to invoke the Management API. Such as:

// Configure the scope

I have added the ‘audience’ parameter to the management API as per the docs (but that doesn’t really matter here).

options.Events = new OpenIdConnectEvents
OnRedirectToIdentityProvider = context =>
context.ProtocolMessage.SetParameter(“audience”, “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/api/v2/”);

                    return Task.FromResult(0);

However the access token I receive back only contain the ‘openid profile’ scopes. Why do I not get back the other scopes. Is it possible to specify other scopes? Do I have to specific make a round-trip to explicitely ask for access token by means of posting a request to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/oauth/token?

What if a define custom scope to my own API’s? Will I not be able to get authorization for them with defined custom scopes?


I’m running into a similar problem. Scopes openid, email and profile work, but the scope ‘read:users’ is ignored and the access token I receive back is missing that scope.


then when I try to read users I get this reply:

{“statusCode”:403,“error”:“Forbidden”,“message”:“Insufficient scope, expected any of: read:users,read:user_idp_tokens”,“errorCode”:“insufficient_scope”}


If I use’ as an audience, it ignores the read:users in the scope image