Adding role on first login using Actions

We are working on the scary task of transferring Rules to Actions. Is there a direct way to add a role to a new user on first login or does the Management API still need to be called?

If the Management API does need to be called, it appears that a machine-to-machine token is needed and will this chew through our allotted machine-to-machine tokens on the account?

P.s. why is tag actions not available under the help category?

Hi @brett2,

Unfortunately, there isn’t a direct method to assign a user to a role in an Action script.

For this to work, we recommend using the Management API in your Action script. Please follow the steps in our How can I use the Management API in Actions? FAQ on how to add roles to a user on their first log in using Actions.

And yes, calling the Management API will consume your allotted Machine-to-Machine tokens.

I have attached some useful resources below for migrating from Rules to Actions:

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Thank you for the reply. This is quite unfortunate as we are close to our monthly machine-to-machine token allotment now running our business. To use more machine-to-machine tokens to access Auth0 management API is frankly, ridiculous.

Based on your reply I assume that none of this will change? E.g. creating a way for actions to directly add roles to a user, or not consume machine-to-machine tokens to utilize the Auth0 API from a forced Auth0 product.

Hi @brett2,

Thanks for following up.

One strategy you could employ to conserve your allotted machine-to-machine tokens would be to cache these tokens for future use.

I recommend checking out this related post on caching your M2M tokens in Actions.

If you have a moment, I would also encourage you to create a feedback request asking to support a method to assign roles to a user in Actions.


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