Add standard claims to access token


Is there a way to add the standard claims to the access token? I do not want to add any custom claims, just some of the standard claims.

The only way I have found so far is to namespace them and add them as a custom claim.
I understand the need for keeping the access token as small as possible, but then It should also be possible to add some of the standard claims not to increase the size more than needed.

I just want to add the name and email_verified to the access token.

Hi @hamnis,

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Have you seen the /userinfo endpoint? This is typically how user profiles are accessed with an access token. An id token will provide the name claim. Otherwise you will need to add a custom claim.

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At the suggestion of @mathiasconradt (thanks for the heads up), I tested adding the email_verified claim to the id token in a rule, and it works successfully.

I cannot say the same for the access token unfortunately.

Good luck!

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