Add First and Last Name in New Universal Login SignUp page

Problem Statement

Can we prompt users for first and last name when using the New Universal Login Experience signup flow.


Unfortunately, at the moment, custom fields on the signup feature are not available in the New Universal Login as documented here.

If you wish to implement the New Universal Login and still be able to capture the additional field values, the workaround is using Progressive Profiling.

To use progressive profiling, you will have to first redirect a user to your website where they can fill a form by providing additional information (such as name etc.) and then redirect back to /continue endpoint to complete the flow (Redirect Users from Within Rules).

You can send the PATCH /api/v2/users/{id} Management API request to update the profile of any authenticated user with certain information, including app_metadata and user_metadata.

As the rules are relatively aged, we have some samples for progressively profiling the user on the repository below. A similar idea could be possible to implement with the actions. We suggest reviewing the code for the rules and building a similar solution with actions.

There are plans to implement more flexibility and improvements to the New Universal Login Experience in the release pipeline. However, we don’t have an exact timeline yet.