AD/LDAP Connector error: unable to get local issuer certificate

Problem statement

I am creating a new LDAP Connection, and I have installed the adldap-6.1.8.exe agent. When I setup Ticket URL, it is showing the following error:

“Network error: unable to get local issuer certificate”


“Network error: unable to get local issuer certificate” shown in test-results.log and on GUI after providing LDAP Connection’s ticket URL


This error could be due to local proxy issues or an unusual CA setup on the machine running the connector.


This error is indicative of a proxy changing the CA certificates used in responses to requests the LDAP connector is making, such as when behind a corporate proxy. Or the machine does not have the CA root certs in use by Auth0 trusted. Please read the below GitHub report, it includes some potential reasons and solutions related to this error.

Please check you can establish a connection to Auth0 from the machine the connector is installed on, such as visiting and check what certificates are presented to ensure the CAs are trusted by the machine.