Accessor tokens + ethereum name service subdomains

I’m posting this in hopes for a few things.
Most importantly–validation, does it make sense?
Should I approach this differently?
Generally seeking some guidance as I most of this infrastructure, I have never worked with before but do have what I believe to be a somewhat decent understanding.

Generally, my goal is to use ENS (Ethereum Name Service) name accessor.eth and subdomains of which that users can register to incorporate AWS (Amazon Web Services) Blockchain node service with their ‘accessor token’ or other client secrets that are required to authenticate JSON RPC requests.

It seems to be rather complicated whereas the use of a smart contract will be of use to securely store ‘accessorToken’ values. The stored data would be accessible by only the registered user of a subdomain of ‘accessor.eth’

i.e, {user}.aws.accessor.eth.

when the address holder of the a registered name to be used to authorize access to an application; in this instance being a user who has a hosted Ethereum node on AWS successfully authenticates via Sign-in with Ethereum–can subsequently query the Ethereum blockchain via GUI without having to code.

This can scale outward for other serivces.

Does this make sense? Is it feasible?

So with Auth0, I was able to secure this endpoint (which isn’t configured to anything yet, except a test application))
(suprised this was available actually)

Let me know what you think. Please be critical.

Would be nice to have the ability to edit own topic after posting.