Access token missing aud for userinfo endoint

I have 1 tenant with 2 applications (foo-app and bar-app) and 2 APIs (foo-api and bar-api), both applications and APIs are configured basically identically with the exception of the token signing methods.

  • foo-app/foo-api uses RS256
  • bar-app/bar-api uses HS256

When logging in with foo-app and providing an audience of foo-api, I’m able to get an access token that has two audiences embedded

  1. foo-api
  2. {myDomain}/userinfo

When logging in with bar-app and providing an audience of bar-api, I’m able to get an access token, but it only includes 1 audience: bar-api.

I would like to be able to get an access token from bar-app with both audiences:

  1. bar-api
  2. {myDomain/userInfo}

Hello @connormckelvey welcome to the community!

This is expected behavior - Tokens signed HS256 will not include the /userinfo audience, only RS256 will. Userinfo will accept opaque access tokens and RS256 tokens with the userinfo audience.

Hope this helps to clarify!

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