Access token for multiple apis?


i try to get an acesss token for multiple apis, i generate one gave it the scope on client creation logged in with the server got an access token but always get unauthorized.

The tutorials give not enough context to understand the connection between the apis, does the permissions connect the apis does it have a naming convention i named the permissions like ‘job:create’ and provided it in the scope:

const getAuth0Client = async () => {
return await createAuth0Client({
domain: config.auth0.domain,
client_id: config.auth0.clientId,
redirect_uri: window.location.origin,
scope: ‘jobs:job:read jobs:job:read-all jobs:job:create jobs:job:update jobs:job:delete’,

But it doesnt seem to help, its getting more complicated than i would like it to have at the moment.
Somebody can provide me an example?

Hi @fabian.boerner

Each API should have its own audience. You will need an access token with that specific audience to access that API. So you will have multiple access tokens for multiple APIs.

Make sense?


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Thanks for helping on this one John!

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