Access_denied: Unauthorized in React Native

I cannot make react-native-auth0 2.6.0 work in android app with Node v8.17.0

For google-oauth2 and Username-Password-Authentication, logs keep showing Success Login and Failed Exchange, and response error is [access_denied: Unauthorized], when calling webAuth.authorize() with
Screenshot from 2020-10-28 11-30-28

When passing the following to webAuth.authorize()
Screenshot from 2020-10-28 11-31-24
For google-oauth2, log says Success Login, though app gets stuck authenticating.
For Username-Password-Authentication, log says Success Login, getting error [a0.state.invalid: Invalid state received in redirect url] in app

Hello, @gavager23,

This is a bit confusing. You’re showing a log for a feacft (failed exchange authorization code for token), but you’re showing a setup for an Implicit Grant, not for an Authorization Code Grant.

Could you please make sure that you are using the correct grants throughout? You can read more about our grants and flows here:


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