Access Client application meta data in custom login page

Is it possible to access Auth0 client’s Application metadata in the custom hosted login page?

I see the config object available in the login page has below details from the request, but nothing related to the Application metadata

 var authParams = Object.assign({
        domain: config.auth0Domain,
        clientID: config.clientID,
        redirectUri: config.callbackURL,
        responseType: config.extraParams.response_type,
        scope: config.extraParams.scope,
        _csrf: config.internalOptions._csrf,
        _intstate: config.internalOptions._intstate,
        state: config.internalOptions.state

Has there been any progress since this has been posted regarding same thing?

  • I want to use the Application metadata to enable/disable fields on the custom login page.

Hi @auth0auth,

It still doesn’t look like this is available.

I’ll add this to our feeback portal. Can you describe your need for it so I can provide some context?

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Marking this solved after two weeks of inactivity.