About setup authentication with grant-type/password-realm

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My wish to use the grant-type “password-realm” to authenticate my web application login which used the OpenID Connect.

Tried to looked at the auth0 doc, and see the term below:
“grant_type” – “http://auth0.com/oauth/grant-type/password-realm” , but did not see the instructions on how to do it. Just wonder what’s detailed steps in Auth0 that needs to do in order to get my login with OIDC combined with realm work?

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Hi @susan.zheng,

Here is the doc that explains how to set up resource owner password flow with realm support:

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your info. I tried to navigated the auth0 doc your recommended, and tried to add a new rule by copy/paste some examples, but it has some errors.

Note: from Auth0 dashboard > Auth0 Pipeline > Rules > Edit Rules > TRY THIS RULE: it won’t work.

I’ve saved the whole script in the attached text file. Just wonder if you or someone in your team could help me debug my mock java code ( I also selected “Node.js” from my API’s Quick Start).
I’m tester not a programmer (-:

My test goal is to use auth0 OpenID Connect with password-realm to authenticate our web application (Native type).

Thank you very much,

realm.txt (1.9 KB)

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