About Auth0 with OpenID Connect - login


I registered a free trial account with auth0 on Jan.21, 2021 and I could use the following link to login until Feb. 12, 2021.


But since this Monday (Feb.15), the above web link no longer work. It returned the message like “This site can’t provide a secure connectionus.auth0.com sent an invalid response”. It looked that my account was automatically converted to the “free” one by default.

I wonder why auth0 no longer allows me to log into the above link with the domain that assigned to me?

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Hi @susan.zheng ,

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Are your users unable to log in, or are you unable to log in to your admin dashboard?

Hi Dan,

I’m not able to log into Auth0 with my own domain – that page is no longer available like below:
(I could still log into the Dashboard though)

Below is the login URL:

(Note: This is the assigned domain link when I registered free trial account)


The above link used to work for free trial period until 2/12/2021, after 22 days - It’s no longer available although I was automatically converted to the “free” account.)

I wonder why and Could you please help me find a solution or workaround?

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I’m still not sure I understand the issue. You shouldn’t be using that url to directly log in. Usually you have an app that redirects to an authorize endpoint. Can you tell us more about your application?

My goal is to log into my application’s (native web app) link like below:


But after several try to login, it prompted the following message:
Your account has been blocked after multiple consecutive login attempts

Any thoughts?

Thank you.