Able to get Access token using Refresh token and access api after Tenant session expiry


I believe, the general idea of the tenant level setting is to expire the session based on what’s set in Tenant session expiry.

I want to understand the implications we might have when the Tenant session is expired on a “React Native” mobile application. We have a standard token implementation using Access and Refresh Token. So, we would expect it to never expire unless the user chooses to logout or on certain actions.

My question is Will the app continue to work and the user will be logged in indefinitely using Access Tokens and Refresh token.

Or the Tenant expiry time ( Inactivity timeout and Require to log in after ) will impact at a certain point.

For example:
Say my tenant-level setting for the user to re-login is 5 minutes.

I have a mobile app running using the access token and refresh token. Will it kick the user out if it’s been more than 5 minutes like web apps/spas. We are using for mobile apps.

So, how will that work?

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Any help would be really helpful for us to proceed.

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