Ability to specify user's role in search criteria in user's list endpoint

Feature: Ability to specify user’s role in search criteria in user’s list endpoint

Description: The user’s list/search endpoint doesn’t return the role of the user. The role’s list users endpoint doesn’t return the full user object (just the username, email, userid, picture). This means that I can’t use different search criteria while also limiting it to just users of a specific role.

I guess it can be solved by:

  1. Allowing the role to be specified as a search criteria in the list users endpoint (this is the best approach imo)
  2. Returning the full user object from the role’s list users endpoint

Use-case: I wanted to get a list of users which have the email_verified set to false but which have a specific role. Currently I’m doing it as I have specified here which is not a very good way in my opinion.

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