A0deploy cli tool console error

hi all,
using the cli tool a0deploy to export the configuration from a configured tenant, but its is showing some error and is breaking.

Commmand ::
a0deploy export -c config-dev.json --strip -f directory -o .
2020-07-17T16:45:24.342Z - error: Problem running command export during stage load when processing type guardianPolicies
2020-07-17T16:45:24.342Z - error: Insufficient scope, expected any of: read:mfa_policies

can anyone help me in figuring out what is going wrong


  1. node 11.15
  2. a0deploy 4.0.0/5.0.0 tried both
  3. npm 6.7.0


Check your deploy-cli app permissions/scopes. It is missing that scope


@john.gateley thanks for replying, i checked the applications page selected " auth0-deploy-cli-extension". Clicked on API’s selected the Auth0 Management API which the above application is using. Check its permissions it where i can clearly see applied to the API, do not know what more to check ?

  1. read:mfa_policies
  2. update:mfa_policies

updated Auth0 Deploy CLI Extension to latest 2.3, update auth0-deploy-cli to 5.1.1

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Is everything working for you now?

yes @konrad.sopala this is resolved by updating to those 2 versions

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!

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