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We are onboarding a new partner and using Auth0 to generate JWT for user authentication. When configuring the integration on their side, they need the jwtissuer. I have read a good bit and cannot see for the life of me exactly what that is defined to be. I feel like I’m reading around the fringes and I think it is the JWKS URI (or at least some part of it) which I already have put into the required configuration but they seem to think it is something else. If anyone can take mercy on a poor soul and help me to clear the cobwebs on what the jwtissuer would be for my brand new Auth0 account I would be most grateful.

Hi @memurphyiii,

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The iss claim of a JWT token refers to the issuer, which is an entity that created and signed this token.

When using Auth0 to generate a JWT, the iss claim should refer to your Auth0 canonical domain. It should have a format similar to the following: https://{Auth0_Domain}.us.auth0.com/.

To find this information, please go to your OpenID Configuration endpoint:

Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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Perfect. Thank you so much @rueben.tiow !

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