502s after login for AU tenant

We’re seeing 502 return after authentication on Universal login (New experience)

POST [tentnat].au.auth0.com/u/login?state=[XXXX]

Just started today.

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I’m seeing this too. Happens always after authentication, sometimes before the initial step.

Works for Facebook login though (not after i added permissions to the facebook user)

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I think we have the same issue started affecting us today. We are getting 502 responses from the authorize endpoint.

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Hey guys,
I ended up switching from “auth0.js” library to “@auth0/auth0-spa-js” and stopped getting the 502s.
Not sure if that will help out in your situations.

Hey there!

It wasn’t an issue with Universal Login specifically. There were a couple of users who reported such issues yesterday but it seems that as of now everything should be back to normal.

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