500 error moving from development to production in Django app

I am building a Django app on Digital Oceans App Platform and using Auth0 to handle the authentication. When I try to redirect from the Django application to the Auth0 login screen (via oauth.auth0.authorize_redirect) I receive a 500 error. I have yet to figure out why the 500 error occurs or even how to recreate this issue from the django shell.

Things that I have checked / done to move to production related to Auth0:

  • Setup and check that environmental variables in production are correct for Auth0
  • Update the Application URIs in the Auth0 dashboard to handle the temporary Digital Ocean url.
  • Remove the auth redirect (skip the authentification entirely) and the rest of the application works.
  • Checked that the oauth.register function works.
  • Updated social connections to not use development keys.

Would love some general advice on how to debug this or if there is a guide on how things may change moving to production.