Why do all of my API applications say "Test Application"?

Just want to double check that they’re OK for production

Hey there @swilks!

Can you share a screenshot with us where you see that? Thank you!

The highlighted app was created automatically when I created an api with the same name. The same thing happened on a dev account I was using perviously. As far as I can tell it’s only a name thing, but wanted to confirm. I’m using the free tier, and it hasn’t always been clear what is included and what isn’t. For example, the 1000 M2M authorizations appear to only be for the client credentials grant, but I’m still not 100% sure about that.

These seem to get created when you click the “Test” tab in the API Details page if no other M2M app is granted access to that API. This is what allows you to get the quick little code snippets and have them work right away as examples.

You can (seemingly) delete it, but it will recreate one if you click that Test tab again (again, if you have no other potential apps to use as a test). I suppose you could also just rename it to whatever you need it to be… that would work fine too I think.

I generally create my own applications that have access to that API and leave the test application as its own thing for when I quickly need to try something. It works out nicely.

** Keep in mind, I don’t work for Auth0, and only integrated over the last couple months. Just sharing my own observations :wink: So take this with a grain of salt haha.

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